What are the perfect jobs for introverts?



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A Guest Post by Olivia Ryan

Being an introvert, I had my share of doubts concerning the future profession and career. Ever since I was a little girl, people kept telling me that I should become a lawyer, a businessman, or even a doctor. But I just couldn’t see myself that way as it seemed like these professions bring too much noise and frenzy, while all I wanted was a peaceful workplace.

So I started exploring this subject and learned very soon that introverts make around one-half of the world’s population. And all of us probably share the same problem when choosing the most suitable career. That’s why I decided to analyze this issue a little deeper and describe the perfect jobs for introverts.

Who are introverts?

Although most people think of introverts as shy persons, this is not exactly the truth. Genuine introverts are simply individuals who are preoccupied with personal feelings and self-reflection. We avoid large groups and tend to minimize communication with strangers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are shy – we just prefer being alone than spending time with other people, especially the ones we don’t really know.

People should not judge each other according to personality characteristics such as being an introvert or an extrovert because all of them have different traits and qualities. I will name here a few traits that introverts develop much better than the average extrovert. They are:

You’ve probably learned by now what it means to be an introvert. But if you are still not sure whether you belong to the introvert group or not, you can also do a quick test to find out.

Ideal jobs for introverts

We all tend to choose jobs according to our personal preferences. When it comes to introverts, there are a lot of positions that match our characteristics. I decided to present you only the most suitable options but keep in mind that there are many other jobs outside of this list that you can perform successfully.

You can see that most of these jobs don’t exclude interpersonal communication from everyday activities. On the contrary, solid communication skills are often an important precondition if you want to build your career in these fields. Just like I mentioned earlier – introverts are not shy, they simply prefer being alone most of the time. But if it’s necessary to engage in face-to-face conversations, rest assured that introverts will do it smoothly.


Introverts are individuals who appreciate a peaceful atmosphere at work and enjoy jobs that give them the opportunity to do things thoroughly and quietly. They are the masters of introspection but also possess the talent to analyze other people precisely. In this article, I described the most important traits of an introvert and gave you an overview of the best jobs for this type of personality. My personal experience helped me to understand this topic much better and if you have other valuable observations – don’t hesitate to share them with us in comments.

About author: Olivia is a young journalist who is passionate about career, recruitment and self-development. She constantly tries to learn something new and share this experience on service as well as on other relevant websites.



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