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Ten or fifteen years ago, the ‘C-Word’ (of the swearing variety) was unheard of in the workplace. Now, I hear it all the time. So is it less offensive now?

I hear the word ‘c**t’ banded around the workplace like jerk was 15 years ago. Do you? It got me thinking – is it less offensive now, or do people just care less about their impact on other people?

I remember a time in my very first job: with my northern English dialect, I tend to shorten word conjunctions, and I answered a mature colleague with “Couldn’t do it“. She was so offended by what she thought I had said, she had to take the rest of the afternoon off, and I was given a warning (through stifled smiles) by my boss!

One US study even tells us that cursing is good for us. Well I f**king agree with that.

The word c**t used on TV and movies much more today – for shock factor. I can remember hearing the word ‘f**k’ on TV for the first time at the age of 10 and I didn’t know where to look. (Certainly not into my parents eyes..)

So is it less offensive? Are we more liberal about ‘foul’ language? Or do we just care less? How does the use of this word affect you?

So I’ve started the poll below to test public opinion.

Please give your view.

[poll id=”2″]

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