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When applying for a job, you want to hit the bullseye, right? You’ve got to get your resume polished, your application form accurate, and your cover-letter to stand-out. And then hope it shines enough to get invited for an interview…

Isn’t it heart-breaking when you know that you’re perfect for a job, and that job is perfect for you, only to be let down by your written submission? You bet it is. Job applicants come to me in droves with this problem.

Because of the scale of this problem, I am truly excited to announce that I am now offering job applicants a personal, tailored coaching service to help you navigate your job application, perfect your submission, and ace your interview.

This service is one-to-one so you will get my experience and know-how dedicated to your successful application. Together, we will:

Don’t put your job application at risk! Together, let’s sure it up and make it rock.

As this is a personalized service, tailored to you and your job application, I normally ask for an investment of just $999. It’s an investment because you will more than double this in your first pay packet! (or many times over…)

But apply today and I will provide this service to you with a $350 discount, at just $649! This offer will last only until I have to start limiting the number of applicants I take on, so hurry.

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