80% of Employees Say Their Supervisor Doesn’t Follow Up After A Performance Appraisal

talk to the hand

talk to the hand

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According to a great infographic from ReviewSnap (below) 80% of supervisors do not follow up after a Performance Appraisal.

This sucks, right. But you don’t have to accept this! I will tell you what to do if you are one of the 80% whose supervisor doesn’t follow up.

ReviewSnap compiled research to create this great infographic:

The most alarming datapoint is that many employers are going to ‘the trouble’ of reviewing their staff, and then not following up. As if it is just a box-ticking exercise.

If you’re one of the employees whose supervisor is dis-interested in your ongoing Performance Management and development, here is what you could do to turn the situation around. By the way, I fully acknowledge that if you’re in this situation, your supervisor will appear to not care about your performance or development, and that turning this around might be considered as an act of generosity – I prefer to think of this as an act of justifiable self-interest:

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