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Want a raise? It is something that we have all thought about from time to time, and that is how to land a higher paying job, or get a well deserved raise. This is a tough topic to talk about, mainly because of the sensitivity of the issue. Fortunately for all of us, there are resources out there that can help put us into a position where we deserve higher pay. The best part of deserving a pay raise is that you won’t always need to put yourself out there for it, rather it comes to you. However, there is real work involved to get to that level. This is hard work, not impossible work, so it is great news for us all.

Use Your Resources to Build Skills

One of the greatest things about our day and age is the Internet. We are connected to countless resources through our computers, and some of these resources are invaluable. Some of the websites and tutorial sites offer more than the opportunity to learn a new skill, but in some cases actually offer certificates that can move you along in your career. Personally, as a photographer and filmmaker, I have used Lynda for countless creative tutorials, though it’s not limited to that alone. Individuals from graphic designers to accountants can learn software to advance them in their career, and even have a certificate to show for it.

What makes resources like this so important is that real industry individuals teach these courses, so there is credibility there. Nothing is better than knowing that you are getting instruction from an industry hot shot! Regardless, using your available resources, most notably the Internet, you will greatly benefit from these sources.

Look into Affordable Resources

In my years, I have come to see true benefit from community education resources. This is anything from Community College courses to courses offered at the local art center. Much like online resources, these can give you real concrete skills that you can take into job hunt. Having access to formal education, even if for a short seminar of certificate, will give you something that stands out to employers. These institutions can be found in almost every city, and gaining crucial skills to a dream job is irreplaceable. While at times this may seem like a better alternative to Internet training, remember that you MUST have the time to complete these courses. Otherwise you have spent money on an incomplete resource.

Putting This to Use

The key to landing a higher paying job isn’t only about having skills, but letting employers know that you have them. This isn’t done in a blunt fashion, but rather through cover letters and resumes. When you are applying for higher level positions, and you know you have extra skills not necessarily mentioned, but will serve a purpose in the role, let employers know that. This can then help you negotiate your salary once offered a position. More than anything though, expanding your skill set also expands your job search, and now you can fill higher level positions, even get that promotion you’ve been looking for from your current place of employment.

By taking advantage of every available resource, you can get yourself to a better position. We’re in a perfect time to do some. Access to the Internet is simple, lower level formal education is still affordable and beneficial, and there is nothing in your way of self improvement. You need drive, you need some perseverance, and you need realistic goals and checkpoints. When you have those in line, then it’s time to get to work.

This guest post is by Jordan Mendys, a media professional and blogger from North Carolina. While mainly focusing on social marketing, Jordan also writes about entertainment news, and for

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