Product Review: How To Get a Teaching Job



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You’ve finished college.  You’re done with your student teaching.  Maybe you’ve been subbing, or maybe you’re a teacher’s aide.  Ready to get your full-time teaching job?

The Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams is written by Tim Wei (a veteran teacher and experienced teacher interviewer), to help you get your teaching job.  He’s worked in two different school districts and has many years of public school teaching experience.  He’s also been on many interview committees, where he helped to seek out and hire the most qualified candidates.

Tim wrote this eBook to share his experience and ideas to give you an advantage over the many other teachers gunning for the (all too few) teaching vacancies.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

Who is it for?

If you’re a teacher at the start of your career – e.g. if you’ve just completed your teacher training – then this book is for you.

I also recommend this book to teachers who are also struggling to get back into a teaching job following a lay-off, a break for raising a family, or any extending absence from the profession. Like in any job or industry, the game changes, often subtly, so equip yourself with the latest insight and tools here.

Buy Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams. At just $19.95, and with the 60-day satisfaction guarantee, it’s a great investment into your teaching career

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