Cash in Your Pocket: 5 Tips for Getting More Overtime at the Office

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With the economy the way that it is, many people are trying their hardest to get overtime at their office to pay for those bills that seem to be mounting up. However, with the weak economy, more and more offices are cutting back on the overtime simply because they fear that they cannot afford it, even if they need the work to be done. So what can a person do in these types of situations when they desperately need the money?

1. Let Them Know to Contact You

First off, make sure that your boss and your co-workers know that you are available to work whenever they need you. This greatly increases the chance of you getting called in whenever they do need some work to be done. If you never let it be known that you are willing to work on your days off, then you have no one, but yourself to blame when you do not get the overtime that you are seeking. You need to appear eager and ready to please when you are trying to get overtime in order for the boss to remember you as someone that he or she would be interested in asking to work overtime.

2. Be Easily Contactable

Secondly, make sure that you are reachable. Too many times, employees do not give the best number to get a hold of them. When the situation arises in which the employer needs a worker and you cannot be reached, he or she will simply go to the next person who wants to work. This is why you should make sure to give your cell or pager number so that you can be reached at any time, in any place. When you do get the call, make sure that you show up to work so that your boss knows you are serious about working. By doing this, you show an eagerness to work and the boss will view you are reliable and you will become the first one on their list when they need a person to work.

3. Push the Benefits of Your Overtime for Business

Though, your first instinct may be to go to your boss and tell them that you need to work overtime to help pay your bills, this is not the wisest of decisions to make. Why? Simply because you are not showing your boss why they would benefit from having you work a few extra hours. Instead, you are allowing yourself to be appear needy. And in the majority of cases, those who go to their boss and say that they need work are not going to get it. Sadly, this is how it usually works, even if you had the best of intentions when you go to your boss. Instead, appear available and hope for good luck to shine on you. Instead, make sure that they realise that by having your work overtime that they would be benefiting because you are a hard worker and would get the job done, no matter how long it takes.

4. Work Your Best

When you do get that first chance at working overtime, make sure to bring your A game. That means you should show up on time and ready to work. If you can prove that you are amazingly productive when you are getting paid overtime, the boss is going to be more willing to bring you in a few hours extra. They will see that you can get the job done and get it done efficiently. Therefore, the company is benefiting, which is the main goal of any company.

5. Have a Fallback Option

Let’s say that your company does not offer overtime work, what should you do then? There are ways to boost your pay without working overtime. You could simply ask for a raise. However, be ready to give a detailed reason why you deserve a raise. For example, if you frequently come in on your weekend to do some extra work, though do not get overtime pay because you are getting paid on a salary, then a raise is not asking too much. You need to document how many weekends that you have spent working on projects for the business and how much profit those projects that you have worked on have brought the company. Do not be offended if you are told no once, however, be persistent, but not to the point that you get annoying.

Overall, getting overtime and pursuing the opportunities to make more money is a job in itself. You must be ready and willing to work whenever the boss gives you a call. So you may find that you miss out a few other things in life. But, in this tough economy, you have to do what you need to do, even if it means that you miss a few family events. And remember to check to make sure that you are getting paid for that overtime that you are putting in. Too many times, this extra time does not register and you end up working for free, which does not help your situation in the slightest.

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