Who Else Got A Sony Reader From Santa?

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Santa brought me a Sony Reader last Christmas (the PRS-505 model, in red!) and I love it! Did you get one, or maybe you got the Amazon Kindle instead?

Here is a ‘video review’ of the Sony Reader. I decided to do a video review to show you the screen, and how great it looks. Just like paper!

I think these technologies will revolutionize (over time) the way we read and consume information. What I have in my reader is something I can slip in my pocket or bag and pick up just like a book anywhere. They’re a lot different than a laptop. Why?

  • They’re very light – only a few ounces in weight
  • Their batteries last ages – my Sony’s lasts nearly 7,000 page turns
  • You can read them at any angle, so it’s comfortable on the eye
  • They’re ergonomic, specific for reading purposes

I think they’re great for people on the move and professionals who want to consolidate their Information Catalog into a convenient place – you can store all your relevant and useful documents and notes and carry it with you, always.

The only problem with these gadgets, at this time, is that you can’t get every book on them – in fact the library is quite limited. However I’ve just seen on the Engadget website that Sony have ‘opened up’ the Reader to allow any merchant to sell books for the Reader device, so you’re not tied to the Sony’s book-store as a customer. This will make it very competitive with the Amazon Kindle .

If you didn’t get a Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle from Santa this year, then I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Boogeyman brings you one soon!

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