Save $117.60 on Mark McClure’s Laser Focus Coaching

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QUICK! Grab this opportunity to take advantage of a MEGA-DISCOUNT off ‘Laser Focus’ coaching – it’s only $29.40 now and the go-live price is $147!

I am a big fan of Mark – he launched his IT Career Engineer report a while ago to rave reviews. This report was aimed at young, ambitious technical professionals wanting to boost their capabilities and accelerate their development.

This time, with Laser Focus coaching , Mark helps mid-career IT professionals (managers, leaders, etc) to take the next leap to seniority. This area is Mark’s core value proposition and he has worked with many mid-level professionals across many countries for several years. This is the first time Mark has packaged a coaching program this way.

This offer is only open to 5 people, and only to his email subscribers. They may have gone already by the time you read this, but if you’re lucky you can grab one now. Click here to find out and subscribe to his email newsletters.

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