The Cancer Charity Fundraiser

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Some of the worst-hit organizations in an economic downturn are Charities. According to analysis performed by consulting group nfpSynergy, there is a direct correlation between economic output of a country (known as Gross Domestic Product, or GDP) and charity income.

So until the end of this month November I am going to help Cancer Research charities by giving $1 for every Digg and Stumble of my site, $1 for Every Inbound Link and 50cents for every comment left!


I have chosen Cancer Research charities because this year I became a cancer survivor . I heard about the nfpSynergy research, and I feel I need to do what I can to raise funds. It’s likely that you know someone who is a cancer survivor too, or someone effected by cancer.

How You Can Help!!

It’s really simple. You can:

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