Money Isn’t Everything, According to IT Professionals (who responded)

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I’ve just read an excellent article, written by Ann All, on the IT Business Edge website that discusses the working environment that IT professionals prefer to work in.

What I like about it is Ann’s honest view about the conclusion that IT people like to work in a positive, challenging environment. I’m pleased that IT people see that their contribution, and moreover their capabilities, are valuable enough to feel they can take on extra challenges.

Ann’s comment below made me chuckle:

Hmmm, forgive me if I find these results less than surprising. Wouldn’t workers in just about any profession offer similar responses? “No, I’d rather be bored, thanks.” Also, how many folks that in truth would prefer an easy but dull job would be inclined to actually respond that way on a survey?

Ann points out that for most people this is an obvious statement. Who doesn’t want to work in an environment like that? Well, I think the kind of person who would respond to the question would say Of Course I Don’t! However, I think there are many people who wouldn’t respond to the question would stay happily in an environment where they just turn up for a 9-5.

I know of one person, who I shall call Jim, who is happy to do the same thing every day without change. Jim is dependable, committed, but doesn’t push himself to develop. He isn’t motivated to do more than what his job description demands of him. He is content with his job and looks forward to weekends where he goes sailing. For Jim, his job is a means to pay the bills and mortgage, but it isn’t his life. Jim isn’t a star in the maverick sense. He is a star to his family, I expect. I know of many more people like Jim. You probably do too.

I also know a Project Manager who I shall call Marion. Marion burns the candle at both ends, she works hard and gets results. She is an excellent networker is well known in her field. Marion assumes responsibility and punches above her weight, but not for long. Marion is content with her life too, but wishes she had more downtime, but doesn’t really do anything about that. Marion is fit and healthy and is a good mother. You might know a Marion too.

So I wonder who is representing the Jim’s of this world? Marion’s feature a lot. I don’t read articles titled ‘Money and stability is Everything to IT Professionals’, probably because they don’t get published. It doesn’t make sensational reading.

Have you seen any articles like that?

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4 thoughts on “Money Isn’t Everything, According to IT Professionals (who responded)”

  1. Articles about money vs job satisfaction reminds me of a cool quote by Kin Hubbard who said – When a fellow says, “It ain’t the money but the principle of the thing,” then it’s the MONEY. 🙂

  2. I can speak from experience of Financial Services IT in Asia and confidently predict that the Jim’s of this world are finding the mesh of their safety nets becoming ever wider and wider… and it’s a long drop off the salary/bonus cliff.

    Now, Marion-types are very visibly present and so I think the ideal challenge would be to recombine some of Jim’s career/life DNA with hers (20/80 proportion would adapt well IMO).

    Alas, those evil Mr Pointy-Hair types have R&D working on robotic Marions even as you read this 😉

    “Jim, you-have-been-terminated and-will-not-be-back.” lol

    Nothing personal,you understand, it’s just business…

  3. @Mark – the question on my lips though is if Jims are the staple of a stable business, and whether too many Marion’s creates too much volatility in the organization?

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