Can you spot a bad CIO? (… or CTO, or IT Director, or IT Manager, or Head of IT)

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I was perusing the website and found a good article which covers the traits of a ‘bad CIO’. If you forgive’s annoying paginated delivery of content, you might enjoy reading this. I think it applies not just to bad CIOs, but as I suggested in the title it can apply to spotting anyone who dubiously fills a senior technical position.
But before you take a look and possibly read it at face value, I have a few thoughts on the article. I think it assumes that folks who will judge their leader against the criteria offered have ‘perfect’ and unbiased information to use to make the judgment. Equally it assumes that the reader is unbiased themselves. Most of all, the article assumes that the leader in question has full control of their domain and is able to apply influence upwards, to their own masters. This isn’t always the case, so don’t rush too quickly to judge your leader as ‘bad’. Read this article, enjoy it, use it even to make a call on the performance of your CIO, but once you’ve done so have a think about the situation they find themselves in and consider alternative explanations for the behavior.

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