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Throughout my career working with people in technical roles, I’ve seen that many folks really struggle with asking for a payrise.
Technical roles typically pay higher salaries than average, but it’s common for technical workers to have problems in engaging with their managers and paymasters to ask for an increase. I attribute this to the phenomena that (more often than not) technical professionals are not truly aware of the value they add to their organization, and (on the flipside) don’t understand the true cost of their package to their employer. This is the essence of many discussions on this blog. Not to put too finer point on this, if you’re going to successfully negotiate a rise, you need to know these things to a sufficient depth that you and your manager can talk openly and with trust.
Not exactly coincidentally, but my recent survey of technical professionals shows that the top third concern (49% of respondents) is that “Technical roles are undervalued by business leaders” and the seventh top concern (33% of respondents) is “Salaries/contract rates are slowing/reducing.” To see the top ten concerns from this survey, click here.
Here is a link to a great article I found on the businessballs website, which covers the ‘art’ (or when you’re an experienced negotiator, the ‘science’) of salary negotiation. I strongly recommend you take a look at it. I couldn’t have written about the subject better myself!
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