Results of survey of Current Concerns of Technical Professionals

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A couple of days late getting this out whilst I compiled the stats, but here is the report on the survey I conducted in Dec 2007 of 200 IT professionals, actuaries, data analysts and other technical professionals. The survey aimed to find out the top 10 concerns of our sector of the workforce. Each respondent was asked to answer how concerned they were with a list of 25 current issues facing our profession. The top 10 issues are ranked in order below.

  1. The ‘credit crunch’ will have widespread impact on all markets, causing a recession and economic downturn – 72%
  2. Projects/initiatives will be cancelled or postponed until the economy stabilises – 65%
  3. Technical roles are undervalued by business leaders – 49%
  4. My work is creating even more demand on my personal life – 48%
  5. I won’t be able to find another job/contract if I choose to leave my current position – 39%
  6. Training and skills development available to me won’t be sufficient to meet the demands of future roles and opprtunities – 34%
  7. Salaries/contract rates are slowing/reducing – 33%
  8. Outsourcing puts my job at risk in the immediate future – 30%
  9. My income will remain the same whilst living costs are increasing – 28%
  10. Global political instability makes me concerned for future jobs – 22%

Do you agree with these concerns? Are you personally affected by them? Please feel free to contact me ( for a confidential discussion.

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