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Once again I am pointing you to an article on the Leader to Leader Institute website, and this time it covers being ‘prepared to start over – again and again’. I like this article because it talks of personal resilience and learning from personal experiences.
I doubt if anyone has had setbacks in their career or personal lives, but not everyone chooses to learn from these experiences and consider how future circumstances can be influenced by the learning. Setbacks can be losing your job, not winning that promotion, failing your finals, project failure, etc. All these experiences can be tough, but they can also be sources of learning and personal development.
The article doesn’t just talk about behavioral adjustment; it also discusses the importance of ones associates and friends who influence and color our lives. In essence, it suggests that after a setback you take a look at your network who will support you and refer opportunities to you. In my experience, my network is a valuable asset when bouncing back from a setback, providing it is filled with positive, supportive and aligned people. Your network is the vein, artery and capiliary of opportunity and like the analogy the less clogged and more free-flowing they are the better for you.
And lastly the article talks (in a roundabout way) about personal confidence and the application of You Inc. – the skills, tricks and relationships you’ve built up – into new opportunities that you will create, or will come to you. After a setback, e.g. being laid off, you is all you have. If you don’t believe you will pull yourself out of the mire, you probably won’t. So sell the services of You Inc. If you have technical skills that can be applied to new situations, dust them off, set up your stall.

I strongly recommend you read this article, whether you’re in tough times or not!

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