If you were born in the 70s… Does this article Ring a Bell?

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Ah… the 70s: Abba; Disco; Dirty Harry; Goldie Hawn; Saturday Night Fever; The Bee Gees… but how do people born in this decade approach work and management?

Take a look at this article on the Harvard Business School website:

How Will Millennials Manage?

It discusses ‘millenials’ – those people born in the 70s – and their particular personality traits and their approach to management. Although it might not describe everyone born in this decade, it does ring true of many.

If you manage millenials, then you will find this article helpful too:

Managing Millennials: Eleven Tips for Managing Millennials

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2 thoughts on “If you were born in the 70s… Does this article Ring a Bell?”

  1. OMG that describes me exactly!
    But I can manage (I think)!

    I find that millenials like me are very driven for success and are results-oriented, sometimes maverick.

    Good snippet.

  2. Are you saying that Millenials can’t manage because they’re too self-interested? I’ve found this at times but I do not think you can tarnish everyone with the same brush.
    Millenials if guided make excellent managers in my opinion. I find this demographic loyal and keen to deliver results. Perhaps they are ‘extrinisically motivated’, that is, need recognition for their work.

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