Another Inspiring article from HBS: Technology Platforms and their commercial success

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I really like this article (link below) – it deals with exactly the kind of thinking we need if we’re going to break out of technical jobs. Read it please! It discusses how software platforms can revolutionise business. Its a great example of how a technical innovation can create innovative and large scale commercial opportunities. Particularly look for Hagiu’s comments on the management skills needed to make technology innovations a commercial success.

When you’ve done reading this article, begin thinking about platforms you’re aware and how they are commercially successful. One everybody should have heard of is the XBOX360 – it isn’t just a games console; it is a marktetplace where games developers can showcase their work and consumers can purchase games all from the console, complete with inbuilt payment systems.

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3 thoughts on “Another Inspiring article from HBS: Technology Platforms and their commercial success”

  1. Great article thanks. Its quite inspiring as you say and is a good insight to how technology can create massive profit

  2. Xbox360 is a good example of a successful technology platform isn’t it?
    Not only does it play games and DVDs but Microsoft also sell software, music and videos through its XboxLive.

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