Are you at a career impasse?

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Then take a look at this great article on the Harvard Business School website:

It gives a great insight into the psychological side of feeling stuck in a professional rut, and some valuable ideas on how to deal with it.

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3 thoughts on “Are you at a career impasse?”

  1. This is a great article Simon – thx for posting it.

    There is much wisdom in Dr. Butler’s words concerning the reality of dealing with what he describes as an “impasse” (in life or career) by NOT starting with “analysis” or “taking action” – see the six steps referenced in the article for why he believes this to be so.

    As a career coach (and a midcareer person “getting unstuck lol) I know there is a temptation to dive straight into goal setting and career visions and all that good stuff.

    However, for those grappling with “getting unstuck” around career uncertainties this might just exacerbate a lot of the psychological angst and tension that needs to be released before a person can (re)discover a goal setting path they more fully identify with.

    The article also links to the author’s web site for the book – there are some interesting articles and exercises there too.

    I’m adding this one to my reading list for Xmas! Cheers

  2. @Karen – yeah, love it! It can be a BIG decision to move away from a well-paid job (particularly) into something that is more of a labor of love.

    The way I look at it, if you can’t lay your head on a pillow and go sound to sleep at night because of being wound up about a job, then you’re in the wrong job!

    Thanks for your comment

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