10 iPhone Apps for Office Managers

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The often is thought of as a consumer device, but if you use yours just for music, videos, and texting, you’ve missed out on a lot. Your iPhone has the capability of enhancing your career and boosting your productivity from wherever you happen to be. Here you will read about 10 iPhone for office managers that will transform the way you think of your iPhone.

  1. SimpleMindExpress [Free]: a mind mapping utility that helps you brainstorm and organize your thoughts. You can open, edit, and share mind maps that help you stay productive while away from your desk or on the road.
  2. Facebook [Free]: a useful business app (especially if your business is in the retail/consumer space), so make sure you can bring it with you wherever you go. The Facebook app for iPhone is free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it, especially if you’re away from your desk for a lot of the work day.
  3. LinkedIn [Free]: perhaps THE essential business networking tool, and you can connect with new and existing connections easily using this dedicated app (using the LinkedIn website on your iPhone is a lot more fiddly!)
  4. MyNetDiary [$2.99]: an application that helps you track your food and water intake, you exercise habits, and your weight as you work hard to stay healthy as a mobile worker. Track important measurements such as bone weight, body fat, and lean muscle. Good health is important to combating the stress of your demanding job.
  5. ThumbJot [Free]: take notes quickly wherever you are using this simple but competent app that allows you to record information regardless of where you are. This saves time by letting you take notes and share them from the palm of your hand rather than trying to remember fact until you get back to your desk. Because ThumbJot is a free Web-based iPhone app, your notes are instantly available at your desk or via any Web browser.
  6. iPocket Coach [$0.99]: helps you as a handled issues while on the job. Like a personal advisor it gives you tips for firing people, interviewing new applicants, counseling workers for performance, dealing with conflict, and other common workplace issues. Once you install this app on your phone for $.99, you will always have the resources you need to deal with the many challenges you face in the workplace.
  7. QuickVoice2TextEmail [$2.99]: perfect for you if you don’t have the time to stand still long enough to tap out an email on your iPhone’s touchscreen. Just talk to your phone and this app will transcribe your message into an email, leaving you free to stay mobile during the whole process.
  8. Bump [Free]: a must have for managers that need to maintain a tech savvy image. This app shares your business card with other iPhones by bumping phones together. You’re not just limited to cards both because Bump works to quickly and easily share pictures, contacts, calendars, become followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook.
  9. ExpenseTracker – Spending [$2.99]: an expense tracking application that will help you record all your transactions while you are on the road. Real time tracking of your money helps you stay in touch with reality so you don’t overspend and not have enough money to get home. The multi-user support of ExpenseTracker – Spending makes it easy to use with your small business. You can also export to spreadsheets, too.
  10. Invoices2go [$12.99]: gives you the power to create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos remotely from a conference room or at a client site. Having Invoices2go on your iPhone can get your clients billed on the spot. Payment buttons even give you the option of collecting on the spot as well.

These 10 iPhone apps for office managers will help you get more done and work smarter, so try them all and let your phone be your partner in success.

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